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Abstract submission

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Submission deadline: 28/2/2023 23:59 (Cairo time)


Abstract eligibility:

  • Research study that has not been published by the date of submission

  • Research study that is related to the field of obstetrics and gynecology or any of its subspecialties

  • Presenter should be a co-author of the research study

Abstract instructions for authors:

  • Title of the abstract should include the type of the study

  • Maximum number of words for the body of the abstract is 300 (excluding title and authors)

  • Author names should be followed by their highest degree, separated by (,) and followed by their affiliation index using []. Each author should be separated from the next one by (;) 

For example: Ahmed Hassan, PhD [1]; Yousef Mohamed, MSc​ [2]

[1] Aswan University

[2] Cairo University

  • Maximum number of authors is 6 including the presenter

  • No figures or tables included

Abstract form

Abstract specialty:
The presenter is:
I would like to present my work as:
Thanks for submitting!
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