MOGGE Preg-Safe bundle consists of inter-connected applications: Preg-Safe version 1.0 for low risk pregnancy and Preg-Safe: High Risk edition for high risk pregnancy.

The bundle allows doceumntation and follow-up of pregnancy with complete guidance to all required visits and their components and guidance to interpretation of test results. The software allows reporting of sonographic reports and provides a reference to fetal organs including their abnormalities in images and description. The high risk edition provides evidence based guidance to management and follow-up of pregnancy and medical disorders. It allows step by step management and documentation of management of these disorders, maternal follow-up and fetal follow-up includign Doppler and ultrasound with reference to detect any abnormalities through a charted graph, and a lot more of helpful functions that can optimize your practice 

MOGGEPreg-Safe bundle (Preg-Safe and Preg-Safe: High risk edition)

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  • MOGGE Preg-Safe is an originial product of MOGGE foundation. The bundle consists of 2 linked softwares: Preg-Safe and Preg-Safe: HR edition. We highly recommend watching this video which demonstrates application functions how to use it: