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Are you a MOGGE AI unit member?

Announced in August 2020, MOGGE foundation artificial intelligence (AI) unit represents one of earliest, if not the first, AI unit that is committed to medical field in the Middle-East. 


The message of this unit is to enhance the culture of AI in medicine in the Middle-East and to develop efficient approaches to improve medical care and support individualized medicine.

This unit works in proximal collaboration with MOGGE research committee, namely beta team which is responsible for conduction of multicenter studies, which design and collect large databases, which are suitable for machine learning models. The unit works in distal collaboration with MOGGE foundation software team (MoggeSoft), which is responsible for final development of clinical applications based on results from machine learning algorithms. 



PAS study

AI unit utilized PAS-ID, an international database created by MOGGE foundation to study placenta accreta spectrum (PAS), to create a prediction model to predict clinical outcomes of management of PAS

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AI unit developed a PC application to facilitate calculation of PAR scores. The software was designed by SilverAxon, affiliated by MOGGE foundation



ECID project

Endometrial cancer individualized scoring system (CISS) is a scoring system that is intended to predict survival of endometrial cancer. ECID is an international databases that was completed by MOGGE foundation in 2022

Ongoing projects

  • ECISS development score

ECISS is a system that was designed by MOGGE foundation AI unit, and is currently under reviewing. ECISS development project provides a strategy for continuous development of ECISS by providing future versions of the ECISS by expanding databases and variables included in machine learning analysis   

  • Ovarian cysts international database (OCID)


The new project aims at applying machine learning algorithms to determine behaviour and suggested management of ovarian cysts



Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 05.31.31.png
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 05.31.31.png

ECISS development project


Check ECISS protocol abstract


ECISS calculator

v 1.0

Future projects

ECISS validation project

MOGGE foundation is currently working with Leeds Teaching Hospitals to consider future collaboration to validate ECISS score using new EC data

SilverAxon inc. is the software extension of AI unit, which serves to produce the final software products that convert AI-created models to easy-to-use clinical tools. 

SilverAxon first product is MOGGE PAR-A calculator, which emerged from our original study.

Currently, SilverAxon is working with AI unit on the current project (ECID) which aims at serving endometrial cancer patients

Keyboard and Mouse

MAY 2021

MOGGE foundation sponsors a new initiative that comprises creation of an international network of investigators and departments that supports expansion of clinical research and applications of artificial intelligence in the field of obstetrics and gynecology

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