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Welcome to MOGGE CONPAS registry page


CONPAS registry is an initiative launched by MOGGE foundation to keep robust track of all published studies on conservative (non-hysterectomy) management of placenta accreta spectrum. This registry will be updated regularly every 6 months and will provide open access information on the cohort of studies related to this topic. In addition, CON-PAS will provide regularly updated figures illustrating origin, size, outcomes, and reported complications of these studies. 

The goal of this registry is to improve knowledge and provide insight on conservative management of placenta accreta spectrum. This may eventually promote research and collaboration to improve level of evidence related to these treatment options.

If you are a researcher and your study is not included in our registry, we highly appreciate it if you could contact us and include the link/name of your study in your message
Thank you 

Chief editor
Sherif A. Shazly
Hossam Aldein S. Abd Elazeem,
Mahmoud M. Saad
Islam A Ahmed
Esraa G. Sayed
AlBatool M. AlMahdy
Fatma Atef
Gena M. Elassall
Mohamed Ashraf Salah
Ahmed K. Ali
Esraa Y Ragab
Last updated: April 26th, 2020
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