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Standard membership

Standard members are allowed to benefit from free access MCOG lectures/courses, books, guidelines, clinical assessment tools, as well as free access to many OBGYN softwares and up to 50% discount on others. Members will have access to clinical review and MDT system (CRMS) to review their clinical questions and challenging cases, and research advice service (RAS) to review their research projects and more..

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Research fellowship

This is a yearly research fellowship for medical students, interns, and young doctors to enhance their academic experience and career. Exceptional graduates will be offered leadership positions within the academic portion of the MCOG


Professional membership

This membership is open to experienced clinical and academic professionals who are interested in taking place as active members in the MCOG and commit to academic activities such as research projects,  guidelines' development, and clinical training. 

Office Team

Clinical fellowship

MCOG provides a series of clinical fellowships to cover all sup-specialties of OBGYN. These fellowships will support trainees interested in minimally invasive gynecology, general gynecology, gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, maternal medicine, fetal medicine, and general obstetrics. Training will be accredited by a group of prestigious European centers and universities after fulfilling requirements of training 

Doctor's Clinic

MCOG memberships and fellowships

Are you an MCOG board member/leader?

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