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MOGGE IVF core v 1.0

PC applications for windows

MOGGE IVF core v1.0
e-IVF center managing software


This software is designed to help reproductive medicine specialists to manage their patients during their IVF cycles. The software is used to create patient files, save their notes and related images, choose pre-stimulation and stimulation protocols and document their follow-up, lab results, and outcomes in each cycle. It also create a calendar for patients that remind providers of their important appointments


Save patients' clinical notes and examination

  • Save patient history

  • Save examination and report measures

  • Save investigation results and  previous clinical photos

Interested in the software but want to try. Download a demo version with limited functions by clicking this button 

Would like to contact us if any inquires or for software adjustments

Want to watch the functions of the software and would like to check some videos on how to use it

Interested in having a look through our FaceBook page for more 

Mobile applications for Android

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MOGGE PUL Calculator version 1.0

Free app/Android system


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