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Program overview

OBG-mentorship network program is an initiative to expand the spectrum of postgraduate medical education in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and create an alternative pathway for fresh graduates to gain clinical experience specially for those who have not had the chance to undergo an optimal postgraduate training program or for those who want to achieve higher level training. The program always these doctors to connect directly to senior specialists and consultants who will mentor them through their career to gain more skills and optimize their knowledge.   

The first year of the program was initiated in March 2021.


  • Provide an alternative training pathway to recent graduates

  • Support doctors' connections and generations' interaction 

  • Establish excellent educational material for continuous medical education 

  • Establish a complete training program in OBGYN

Program content

  • Regular teaching sessions between the mentor and the mentee

  • Clinical shadowing

  • Surgical mentorship and assistance 

  • Continuous evaluation process

Online courses

General Gynecology Course

Urogynecology Course

General obstetrics course

Ultrasound course

Clinical case series

OBGYN Surgery course

Our Mentors

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelaleem - Assiut 

Dr. Mohamed Mohyeldin - Alexandaria

Dr. Muhamed Al Bellehy - Mansoura

Dr. Ahmed Yehia Hefnawy - Assiut 

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Kandeel - Cairo

Dr. Sahar Al Shabrawy - Ismailia

Dr. Amr Shehata - Aswan 

Dr. Nashwa Eltaweel - England

Dr. Mayada Mohammed Aldankali - Jizan, Yemen

Dr. Basem Ragab - Cairo

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